How To Interview Authors and Monetizing Your Podcast

3 years ago

How To Interview Authors and Monetizing Your Podcast Without Haggling

I wanted to share with you something that I have been using in my podcasting to monetize my podcast. I was talking with a group on a Mastermind and this subject came up. And when I explained this simple hack that I use when interviewing authors about their books, I was asked if I had shared this with YOU, my listeners. 

And, when I realized I had not, well – here is the information I shared with the Mastermind group. 

Trying to get a new author to give up some of their sales proceeds can be a sensitive area to tread. If you do not do so properly, the author may feel like you are holding their interview hostage! If they do not agree to your terms, you will not promote the interview!

Although YOU are promoting THEIR book on YOUR podcast to YOUR audience, it can still be a sensitive area.

The author may not even know how to track affiliate commissions or even how to pay them out to the appropriate people in the correct amount.

I have been using a work around for over three years now. It has worked for me and I believe it will work for you as well.

First, you need to have a Amazon Affiliate Account (link is down below). It is free to set up and you are approved almost immediately.

Next, you need to find the authors book you are talking about in the interview. Just search the name of the book in the Amazon search bar. Also type in the author name. It helps Amazon to find it quickly (it is looking just for that title and author).

Next, go up to the left corner and click on "Text" for the affiliate link. Copy that.

Go to your show notes and type in the name of the book (I always put "on Amazon" just so the person clicking the link knows where it will take them).

Use the "hyperlink" set up to make the link active. And that is all there is to it!

Every time someone makes a purchase through that link in your podcast show notes, you will get a commission from Amazon!

The author gets the sale, you get a commission and everyone is happy!

I was motivated to share this with by the prompting of my good friend, Sean Douglas. Sean is Master Resilience Trainer, podcaster, radio host and an in demand public speaker and coach. You need to check out his website at the link below. Tell him I sent you!

Also, you will find a link below through Amazon where you can donate a small percentage of your Amazon purchases to a non-profit of your choice. This is called "Amazon Smile Program." I have included the link to our non-profit. I would appreciate it so much if you would link to our non-profit. It costs you nothing and it handled by Amazon all behind the scenes.

If you made a $100 purchase on Amazon, our non-profit would receive something like 50 cents. It's not a lot, but if a lot of people did so, it does make a difference.

IF you have a question, don’t wait!  Ask today. Just go to fill out the contact form.

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