How Can I Become An Influencer In My Market?

3 years ago

I have been answering the question, “Why Should I Start a Podcast?”  We have already talked about the “Growth of Podcasting” and how “Podcasts Are Better Than Blogs.”

Today, I want to emphasize how podcasts will help you to “Become and Influencer In Your Market.”

First, when someone listens to your podcast, it is like you are being invited into their home, office or car. You are like a guest. They want to hear what you have to say! That is almost automatic credibility!

Next, reach out to a well known influencer in your market or niche! You may have to ask 10 to find one who will come on your podcast to do an interview. Don't let that get you down.

One major influencer that comes on your podcast will elevate you in your listeners eyes. They figure you are rubbing shoulders with other influencers. Therefore, you must be an influencer as well.

Do not think you will see significant downloads just from interviewing the other influencer. Usually, they will not be sharing anything with your audience that has not been shared elsewhere already. So the influencers audience may not jump at the opportunity to listen to your interview.

But you are interviewing the other person for YOUR AUDIENCE! Always remember that!

Your podcast is a way to grow YOUR BRAND and YOUR INFLUENCE.

So, don’t be shy – start your podcast!  

If you want information on how you can start your own podcast, or to help grow and make an existing podcast even better, visit my website at www.podcast-training.comand take a look around.

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Until next time, “Keep Talking – You’re Awesome!”

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