How Do I Build An Audience?

3 years ago

Today, I want address the question, “How Can I Build an Audience?”

The processes are wide and varied for this. I cannot cover all of the possibilities. But let me cover some of the more popular methods of building your podcast audience.

First and foremost, you should be podcasting to a specific person or group. This is called your “avatar.” Every episode should be designed to bring value to that one, perfect person. The perfect individual that needs the information you are going to share.

There will be others that get great value from your podcast. But your podcast should be talking to ONE INDIVIDUAL. That will make you more personable. It will make it seem as if you are talking directly to the person listening. 

Next, be sure to tap into the vastness of social media!  Share and promote your podcasts across social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube all have unique audiences. All of them will help you to reach their specific users. But if you do not share and promote your episodes, there is a very high chance nobody else will either!  

Next, be consistent in your publishing schedule. If you publish once per week, be sure you continue to do so on the same day. Do not publish on Monday this week and Thursday next week and Friday the week after and Tuesday the week after that. Use a system to make sure your episodes are published the same day (and preferably the same time) each episode!  Your listeners will begin to expect to hear from you!

Reach out and become guests on other podcasts!  That is a way to leverage someone else’s audience!  People that you would never interact with immediately. These podcasters have built up their loyal audience. If you guest on their podcast, you will be exposing your brand to their audience!

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