Why I Should NOT Start a Podcast pt 2

3 years ago

Last time, I started a discussion on “When You Should NOT Start a Podcast.”

The number one reason I went into detail on last time was, “To make money.” I shared how approximately only 1% of the podcasters out there make a full time living from podcasting. These are podcasters who have built up a brand, a loyal following and have close to a million down loads per episode. Something most of us will never achieve.

Today, I want to talk to those who think podcasting is interesting and it appears “easy to do.”

Yes, it is easy to do. But if you want to produce a quality program, one that will bring in additional listeners and a podcast that will generate loyal listeners, it gets to be a little more than that!

Are you a good speaker?

Do you have experience at public speaking?

You may notice all of the "ah's"and "umm's" you use. But I can guarantee you, your listeners will. And if they get annoyed with your grammar, they will click off and never come back.

So, a way to stop doing that is to join a group like "Toastmasters." They will guide you down the path of how not to use those fillers!

Next is the technology involved.

Podcasting is "technology." You must become proficient at using the technology available to you. If you are putting out a terrible product, nobody will want to listen to you.

Use a good microphone. Use a headset to cut down any echo (especially if you are conducting interviews).

Add an "intro" and an "outro" to your podcast.

Edit your program and eliminate any mistakes or "bloopers."

Yes, it may take you some time to learn how to do this. But the payoff in the end will be increased listenership and subscribers!

Lastly, do not start a podcast because "everybody else is doing it."

That is probably not a good reason to start a podcast.

Apple Podcasts reports they will soon have over ONE MILLION podcasts hosted on their platform! But, they also report that about 20% (or 200,000) podcasts have less than 7 episodes!


Because people started their podcast journey and decided it was not for them! Often, they spent good money in starting their podcast. Domain name; hosting platform; microphone and headsets, etc. Only to quit after just a few episodes.

I hope these tips helped to clarify some seldom talked about topics concerning podcasting. Especially the reasons for NOT starting a podcast! 

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