Is Podcasting Complicated?

3 years ago

Is Podcasting Complicated?

Today, I will answer the question, “Is Podcasting Complicated?”

Again, the quick answer is “No.”  But it can become complicated if you do not pay attention to what you are trying to do.

With that in mind, let me briefly address this topic.

First, as I talked about on the prior video, you need a computer. You will need some sort of internet connection. You will need a microphone. The microphone could be your cell phone, the microphone that is on your laptop or computer. I covered this in the prior video, so if you did not see my answer to that question, please video it HERE.

The complication factor comes into play if you try to add to much detail to each step along your production path. This is what you SHOULD NOT do, especially if you are just starting out!  Keep it as simple as possible.

For example, once you plan the subject matter you are going to talk about, have those notes in front of you as you prepare to record. I’m not talking about reading from you notes. But your notes should be used as a prompt to remind you of what it was you needed to say.

Once you are ready, hit RECORD. And just go for it!  Your first dozen or so episodes will sound completely different by the time you hit 50-60 episodes!  Especially if you are doing interviews with other people. It will take that much time for you to “find your voice” for podcasting. I can guarantee you, if you publish consistently, when you go back and listen to your first few episodes, you will wonder why anybody listened!

But that should not complicate the procedure. You should not even worry about that at this point!  Just hit RECORD and, once you are finished, be sure to hit the SAVE feature for your recording platform.

Once your recording is saved, upload it to your hosting platform and you are finished!

Now, if you are just setting up your hosting platform, that is an entirely different subject matter. I will be going over those steps in a future program. But for today, I want you to see it is not difficult to get started and it is really fairly simple to do. It is not difficult at all to publish a podcast!

If you want to add intro’s and outro’s and commercials and promo’s and things like that to your recordings before publishing, YES, it can be a little more complicated. Especially when you start. But once you know the steps involved to accomplish those little steps, the quality of your product will increase AND you will become more familiar with the process as a whole. This will help to cut down on the production time and it will be less and less difficult as you move forward.

So, the overall answer to the question, “Is it difficult?” can be summed in this statement. 

<u>It is only as difficult as you WANT to make it!  </u>

If you want to keep it a simple process, then the process will remain simple. If you want to add a few steps to improve the overall quality of the product, it may seem complicated at first, but it will become easier as you go along.

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