Methods Not To Use To Increase Downloads pt 2

2 years ago

Methods Not To Use To

Increase Downloads pt 2

We have been talking about some of the ways podcasters used to use to increase their download numbers. Unethical ways. Methods that have mostly been done away with in actual numbers counting.

But you still may hear of these methods by some unscrupulous people that will try to manipulate and beat the system.

The IAB has implemented a series of changes that have become the industry standard in counting downloads. This is to bring almost every podcast hosting platform into compliance with industry accepted standards. This was to level the playing (and reporting) field to advertisers across the industry.

In our last episode, I covered the first two unethical ways that some podcasters have tried to beat the system. Stay away from those methods.

Trying to change your URL feed and trying to spam your social media accounts may give you a few more downloads, but the loss of reputation will far exceed the few additional downloads you will receive.

In addition, every download now indicates 60 seconds or more of listening time. So just because someone has received your file into their iTunes (or Apple Podcasts) account does not mean they listened to the file – and will not be counted as a download.

Today, I will give you two more methods to stay away from:

3. DO NOT set your online player to "auto-play!"

Youtube is an example of what I mean by auto-play.

Many people who see something "automatically" begin to download will stop it. Some will click off of the page altogether (and may not ever come back). I've seen some podcasters load a player to every page of their website (and set them all to "auto-play)!

Why do they do this?

All in an effort to get "one more download." 

The new IAB rules will not count any of these efforts unless the visitor to your website listens for at least 60 seconds. So all you are really doing is “spamming” a visitor who is trying to find out some additional information on you, your podcast or your website and services.


4. Trying to increase download numbers by increasing the publication frequency!

Every episode published could increase your downloads exponentially (according to the number of subscribers you have).

For example, if you have 100 subscribers and publish 4 episodes per month, that is 400 downloads (assuming they all listen to every episodes for at least 60 seconds).

Now, if your increase your publication schedule to 5 days per week, that would mean 2000 downloads per month! WOW! That is awesome, right?


Statistics prove the shorter your podcast, the more listeners you will have.

If you increase the number of published episodes each week, your potential listeners have to dedicate more of their time to try and listen. You may end up losing listeners in the process! All why increasing your workload!

Instead, nurture your existing subscribers to share the episode link with THEIR followers. Let others do the work and you can see small, but steady increase in downloads!

Join me next time as we go over a few ways (ethically) you can use to see an increase in your download statistics.

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