Will Anybody Listen to Me?

3 years ago

Today, I want address the question, “Will anybody listen?”

The simple answer, in my best lawyer voice is, “That depends…”

I know, I know, that is not really an answer. But it definitely applies to podcasting. 

Someone who is just starting out may end up thousands of downloads per episode. Someone who has been doing this for years may only have a handful of downloads per episode.  

But, one thing that is for sure – if you do not have a podcast, NOBODY will be listening!

Now, that being said, there are certain things that will help you to build a listening audience.

One is your friends and relatives.  I know, I know, that is not who you are trying to reach (or maybe it is in a limited way, I don’t know). But, by asking your friends and relatives to like and rate and leave comments on your podcast, that will actually help your podcast to grow.

If you get your friends and family and coworkers, etc. to “do you a favor” and like and comment on every episode, and SHARE the episode on their social media, you will increase your reach! You will have people you do not even know coming to your page and being impressed. This will only help you to grow!

But, you need to leverage you existing contacts. Which is your friends, family and coworkers. This is a great starting point.

Makes sense, right?

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