What Would I Talk About?

3 years ago

Today, I want address the question, “What will I talk about?”

This is topic of concern to many who are thinking of starting a podcast. It is also a topic of concern for many who already have a podcast!

But it doesn’t really have to be that hard!  Let me ask you a question?

What is it that people ask you to help them with?  It could be your profession. That is a definite possibility.  But let’s also say you have a hobby that you are passionate about. Your podcast could be about your hobby.

You could be a medical doctor who likes to tinker with old cars on your weekends. It helps you to relax. Maybe some people are asking you questions about restoring classic cars or rebuilding their engines. Or how to find parts. You could have a podcast about that hobby, even though your profession is in something completely different. 

You can also do a podcast about your profession. Many businesses have podcasts that provide value to the listener and serves as source of promotion for their business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that aspect of podcasting.

The next part of this question I want to cover is how to keep track of what you have talked about during your podcast. There is nothing worse than discussing a subject today and then cover the same exact topic in a couple of months. Unless you are taking live calls or answering questions, that is.

But to schedule an entire episode, let’s say, “How to order tail lights for a classic car,” today. And then forget that you talked about that and come back six months from now and provide the same information, shows you are not being professional in your podcast topics. 

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is needful to go over the same topics again. Sometimes the details do change and you want to bring everyone up to date. That’s ok. But to do a repeat simply because you forgot is not very professional.

To help you with this, and to help me with this, I use what I call a 10 x 10 matrix. This is simply a spread sheet. Across the top, in the first ten columns, list the major topic discussions you would like to teach on. For our example with the classic car restorations, it might be topics like, “finding classic cars for sale; how to bid on classic cars; how to transport classic cars that not operational; how to disassemble a classic car; how to find parts for a classic car; how to restore parts of a car you cannot find parts for; how to overhaul an engine; how to prepare a car for painting; how to paint a car; how to add clear coat; etc. etc.”

You can have 15 or 20 columns across the top. Or six or seven. I use 10 just as a guide.

Now you have the major topics, under each topic, put ONE item in the block that you could teach on in that section. List them down the column. If you have 10 across for major topics and you have 10 down under each topic, that is 100 possible episodes you could have!  That is the equivalent of an entire year of podcasting if you did two episodes per week and still took two-week vacation!  You could have your entire year planned out in just a matter of a few hours!

After you teach on a topic, cross it off or highlight it so you know you have already covered that topic. You can even list the episode number you taught on. That way, if you need to reference it in a future episode, you have the information right there in front of you!

I have a short video where I demonstrate how to use this 10x10 matrix. You can watch the video at this link HERE.

I hope this helps you in planning out what you will teach on. It has worked for literally hundreds of people that have used this system. It is the easiest and the most efficient way I know of to control what you are teaching on. 

I hope this has...

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