Why Should I Start A Podcast?

3 years ago

I get this question a lot. So, in the next few video's, I will attempt to answer it!

There is too much to cover in just one video. So you will need to watch the next couple as well to get my answer to "Why Should I Start A Podcast?"

First, podcasting is the new "wave" in media communications.

Second, car makers and even airlines are now offering podcast connectivity to their customers.

Podcasting has an easy entry barrier and allows businesses to build their brand and grow their client list as well.

Podcasting may not be here forever - but it is the growing trend right now!

In the next few episodes, I will go over some additional points that will make this clear to you. I will also explain how you can use podcasting to establish and grow your brand and your business.

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Next time, we will talk about how “Podcasts Are Better Than Blog Posts.”

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So, until we talk again, “Keep Listening, You’re Awesome!”

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