What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular? Part Four

3 years ago

What Kind of Podcasts Are the Most Popular – pt 4  

Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion:  This type of format is little more complicated to manage. Not only are you going to giving commentary, you will also be asking questions of your multiple guests. One type of podcast in this method, is to have two or more guests with differing views or opinions on a particular topic.

 I would recommend not more than three panel guests. Otherwise, it will be to easy to lose control of the interview.

With two people, you can easily balance the time each person is talking. With three, it cuts down on the time each person can have to make their points. Plus, if one is a more dominant personality than the other two, it will hard to control the reactions and comments of the other person if they feel a comment was made they disagree with. 

The important part here is the podcast is not about YOU. You must remember that. It is not even about your guests! It is about your listeners!  You must keep that as the center of your focus. You are brining guests on the panel to add value to your listeners. 

In that regard, you must continue to highlight your guests over yourself. Make them feel it is about THEM (but keep the conversation centered around providing value to your listeners). 

It is a delicate tight rope to walk. But those podcasters who can pull it off will see a dramatic rise in listenership!

Next time, I will be discussing the final three types of podcasts: Story Telling; Fictional Story Telling and the Hybrid Podcasts!

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