Are Podcasts Better Than Blogs?

3 years ago

I’ve been answering the question, “Why Should I Start a Podcast?”

In our last episode, I explained how podcasting has become, in my opinion and backed up by statistical data, the most popular method of communication today. How long this is going to last is unknown, but for right now, if you are not using podcasting to promote your brand and your business, your competitors will pass you.

Now, some people think that having a blog on their website is a way to communicate their ideas, concepts and uniqueness to their target audience. And they are in correct, a blog is ONE WAY to do so.

Several years ago, you needed to have a blog on your website for SEO purposes. But times have changed.

The average blog post is about 700-800 words and takes the average person about 5 minutes to read.

A typical podcast will be between 25-30 minutes in length and the average listener will listen to all of it. That is like having 5 blog posts and the person consuming all of them in one sitting!

Next time, I will discuss how you can “Become an Influencer in your Market” by using podcasting. This is a way of growing your brand that using blog posts would be very difficult to obtain.

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Next time, we will talk about how “Become an Influencer in your Market” 

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