What is a Podcast?

3 years ago


Today, I will answer the question, “What is a Podcast?”

First, a podcast is a modern form of blogging. When blogging was introduced, it transformed the way information could be delivered to the masses. Instead of writers submitting countless articles to countless magazines, etc. in trying to get their articles published, blogging was created.

With the expansion of the internet, bloggers soon found they could bypass the corporate world of magazines and interact with their intended audiences directly. Some bloggers even monetized their content and created an entire new career, without even trying to enter the magazine publishing world.

Podcasting is the audio version of blogging!

Just like blogging allowed anyone with a computer to become a reporter, podcasting allows anyone with a computer to become a talk show host or online radio personality.

The main difference between online radio and podcasting is the ability for podcasters to generate subscribers. I had an online radio station that had thousands of listeners in over 160 nations. We were rated #1 in the world on several occasions by Shoutcast. But I could not ever contact any of them. I could not capture their emails nor offer them the ability to subscribe to new programming. I was at their mercy to keep coming back for more content.

Podcasting changes that dynamic. Through podcasting, you can offer a subscription alternative. You can offer free items in exchange for your listener’s email address. You can grow your own, personal audience that only wants to hear from you!

In the next episode, I will answer the question, "Is Podcasting Difficult to Do?"

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