What Kinds of Podcasts Are The Most Popular - Part Three

3 years ago

What Kind of Podcasts Are the Most Popular – pt 3 Solo Commentary

The Solo Commentary Podcast:  This is probably the easiest type of podcast you can put together. It is basically the format I am using for this podcast, “Ask Bob.” It may be the easiest to do, but is also harder to accomplish. 

Many people are not able to do this type of podcast, because you actually have to carry on a conversation with other people, even though you are talking to nobody at the time!  That is what I’m doing right now. I’m talking to you – even though you are not here with me at this time!  I’m talking to the computer screen! 

Some podcasters will write out the script to use on their podcast commentary. This is ok – but you need to be skillful enough to read without it sounding like you are reading! Nobody wants to listen to you just reading a script on the air!  That would be more like an audio book!  

Personally, I do type out notes that I use to guide my conversation. That way I don’t waste time trying to remember what it was I wanted to talk about or forget to mention something I wanted to share. But you must be careful. DO NOT make it seem like you are only reading. 

The best thing about the solo podcast is you can talk about whatever your passion is. I can guarantee you, somebody out there is interested in the same topic you are passionate about as well. It could be car repair, golf, landscaping, crafts – the topics are limitless!

Next time, we will be discussing “Panel Discussions.”

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